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Welcome back to the Mosfiloti Weather Service. I apologise for the unforeseen length of time it has taken to get it up and running again. At first glance, you may not see much difference but at least a dozen anomalies in the old system have been eliminated; it is now more accurate and there are some little tweaks visible, here and there. This has been done by a complete re-installation of all the software from scratch, after an accumulation of nearly ten years of detritus (the Windows Registry alone has been reduced in size from nearly 2,200 lines of an average of about 55 characters to just over 240 lines!). Installing and setting up the seven distinct programs is what has taken my time. You can obtain an idea of what this means from the new Weather Note on how the system works, if this interests you. At the same time, there is another new Note on how to interpret the forecasts, especially if you are some distance from Mosfiloti. In all, I hope the wait has been worthwhile.



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